Date: May 6 – 7, 2019
Location:   Richmond, VA
Tuition:   $849


Whether you’re a new bookkeeper, contract officer or department manager, you’re responsible for maintaining your tribe’s financial records. Failure to record accurate information may cost your tribe thousands of dollars in disallowed costs and unnecessary audit time to correct the problems.

This class focuses on maintaining accurate accounting records for grants and contracts; reading and interpreting revenue expense and invoice documents; classifying cost data for bookkeeping purposes; financial statement basics; and the use of budgets. You’ll learn how to maintain a variety of financial records and how to spot potential recordkeeping errors before they become expensive audit mistakes. The class also includes a comprehensive, practical scenario to illustrate bookkeeping processes. We’ll also discuss how the new OMB Super Circular , which was released December 2013, will apply to your tribal grant programs.

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