Date: April 16 – 17, 2019
Location:   Las Vegas, NV
Hotel: Tropicana Las Vegas (3801 Las Vegas Blvd. South)
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Tuition:   $874



A well-written constitution and the ordinances that accompany it promote trust from tribal citizens, respect from other governments, the protection of Native cultural activities and traditions, and a smooth flow of government and continuity between administrations. But constitutions that served well in past eras don’t always meet the realities of the present day. In the years since the Indian Reorganization Act when many tribes drafted their constitutions, there have been major changes in federal Indian law, including the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act, as well as evolving trends in tribal enrollment—and the resultant impact on tribal elections. We’ve also had nearly a century to observe on a large scale which constitutional tribal government structures promote stable, strong governance and which lead to problems like political corruption, instability, and the promotion of tribal factions.

In this important class we’ll look at all of this and more as we walk you through the considerations your tribe should weigh when revising its constitution. Come ready to learn about some of the challenges you can expect and strategies for more smoothly implementing the changes, how your constitution is impacted by growth and change, and questions you should ask when defining membership issues in your constitution.

We’ll also discuss how tribes can use codes and ordinances to provide details for tribal government structures and procedures. We’ll examine current issues that your tribe may want to address through new or revised ordinances, including policies on sovereign immunity and addressing risk management and potential liability for individual tribal employees in light of the Supreme Court’s decision in Lewis v. Clarke, enrollment and elections procedures, regulation of marijuana and more.