The Department of Justice’s National Indian Country Training Initiative (NICTI), together with the National Domestic Violence Fatality Review Initiative, is pleased to announce the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team Training.  The training will be held April 6-7, 2020, at the National Advocacy Center in Columbia, South Carolina.  Travel and lodging accommodations will be paid for by the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Education.

Every year, people are murdered at the hands of an intimate partner.  Increasingly, criminal justice professionals and other practitioners involved in domestic violence cases are using domestic violence fatality reviews as a tool that may help reduce the many deaths due to intimate partner homicide.  In a fatality review, community practitioners and service providers identify homicides and suicides resulting from domestic violence, examine the events leading up to the death, identify gaps in service delivery, and improve preventive interventions.  Fatality reviews can reveal trends and may lead to changes to the system that could prevent future deaths.  They may also enhance prevention and intervention programs aimed at reducing the death toll from acts of domestic violence.  Reviewing domestic violence death over time might identify broader issues with social policies, criminal justice intervention strategies, and political initiatives.

This training is designed for federal, state and tribal criminal justice professionals and community service providers who investigate, prosecute and respond to domestic violence crimes.  This training will address what constitutes a domestic violence fatality review, how to convene a review, and it will address legal issues – like confidentiality – that frequently arise during the review process.  Priority admission will go to applicants working on cases arising in Indian Country.

This class will have a mock fatality review exercise component. Criminal justice professionals and community-based service providers are encouraged to register as a team.

Please complete and submit the nomination form at the following link for each of your nominees:

For offices with multiple individuals interested in attending, we ask that a supervisor rank nominees in order of preference for acceptance.  We are expecting significant interest in this event.  The nomination deadline is Friday, February 7, 2020

The NICTI will review all nominations and will send an e-mail advising nominees of their selection on or about February 17, 2020.  Selected nominees will also receive information on how to book travel and lodging.

In order to ensure that our records are correct, please type in the required information when completing the nomination forms.  Illegible and/or incomplete forms will not be considered.

Due to the increasing number of last minute cancellations we must ask that only nominations for those who are certain to attend be submitted.

The Executive Office for United States Attorneys will provide reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities.  Requests should be made to Delores Johnson as early as possible, preferably at least two weeks in advance of the seminar.  No nominee will be excluded from a course on the basis of a disability-related accommodations request.

This training is authorized under the Government Employees Training Act.

Any questions regarding this training seminar should be directed to Delores Johnson at (803) 705-5123 or