Webinar #4, August 20, “Do Tank 1# Community Context Assessment.” During this first interactive strategy session, we will explore your community’s needs within its geographic context. This assessment will underpin the 3-month strategic plan you develop in the final activity.

Learn more on our website: http://healthinfo.montana.edu/mt-healthy-communities/


The Virtual Journey will lead attendees on a systematic, step-by-step voyage to construct a community based strategic game plan that creates healthier communities in a collaborative, cross-sector manner.

Now more than ever:

*   communities understand the impact that health has on the economy,
*   communities need to combine and leverage resources, and
*   community partners and businesses must collectively identify and tackle issues through multisector cooperation.

Our journey this summer includes two webinars featuring Benjamin Winchester discussing the positive trends in rural living including migration, “brain gain,” economic development and more. Each webinar will also feature the perspective of a local Montanan leader.

The other two webinars are interactive learning sessions that will teach you as an individual, or as a working group from your community, how to engage in design thinking to help you build or strengthen healthy communities efforts, with professional guidance from the international design thinking specialists, Do Tank.

Fall webinars will be a combination of local and state speakers sharing their experience and expertise on Big Sky healthy communities work and interactive learning sessions and technical assistance with Do Tank.