BIA Northwest Region

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BIA Northwest Region - Federally Recognized Tribes

BIA Northwest Region - Human Services Staff

Rita Sage, Regional Social Worker
Work: 503.231.2116
Donna Turquoise, Child Welfare Social Worker
Work: 503.736.4473
Debra Eagle, IIM Social Worker
Work: 503.736.4477
Jessie Hunt, IIM Social Worker
Work: 503.736.4472
Leah Marceau, Office Support
Work: 503.231.6785

911 NE 11th Avenue Portland, OR 97232

MAIN: 503.231.6785/FAX: 503.231.2182

BIA Northwest Region - Tribal Behavioral Health Resource directory.

The full document of Counties Served, Tribal Behavioral Health Program Contact Information, and Program Information.

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